Hi and welcome. I’m Laurie “Trumpet” Williams, artist, instructor, designer and Internet marketing consultant to other artists.   You’ve landed on my brand site.  I’m active in a number of initiatives and programs. This website serves as a compass to those looking for more information about Laurie Trumpet, my programs and my art.  Scroll through this page to see what I’ve been up to!


About Laurie Trumpet

I’m an artist, designer, instructor, and Internet marketing consultant.   I’ve created a number of communities, programs, and initiatives.   I live and work from my home office/studio in Boyds, Maryland with my husband Jim; daughters, Christina and Michelle; and Maltipoo, Ruby.   I love art, nature, music, and theatre.

Trumpet Art by Laurie Williams


This is my art website and blog.  This is my main location for selling and sharing my alcohol ink and mixed media art.   I also use this site to promote my products under the Laurie Trumpet brand.  These include downloadable collage packs, mixed media art kits,  alcohol ink art journals, screens, stencils and online art events.

Alcohol Ink Art Community & Society

In January 2017, I founded the Alcohol Ink Art Community, a community of artist working with alcohol ink.  In the community and society, I work a team of contributors to teach and share the love of alcohol inks. 

The Alcohol Ink Art Society is a premium level resources for artists that want to learn to paint with alcohol ink.  Membership is lifetime and offers members access to a HUGE portal of alcohol ink art lessons  and resources taught by the leading instructors working in alcohol ink. 


“My goal is to educate and inspire creative entrepreneurs to build a business around their passion and create the freedom to do what they love.”  – Laurie Trumpet

ArtBugle is a blog and community for artists looking to promote and sell their art online.   Premium resources include Art Sales Lab,  Art Marketing Masters, and the Artist Website Academy.

Mixed Media Mad

Mixed Media Mad is a website and blog about all sorts of things relating to mixed media.   The site features downloadable collage packs and products for working with mixed media.   It is also home of the “Mixed Media Mad Mashup”, online workshops for mixed media projects.

Create SmART Academy

The Create SmART Academy is an online art academy for learning alcohol ink and mixed media art. The academy features a number of instructional lessons by some of the best art instructors in alcohol ink and mixed media.

The Create SmART Academy was a merger of Sheryl Williams’s Academy of Alcohol Inks and the Alcohol Ink Art Society and offers a platform for artists looking to sell their courses online!

The Fine Art Café – Fine Art Gallery

The Fine Art Cafe is an online art gallery and platform for artists to sell their art online.  Visitors can browser our galleries of Fine Art submitted by the artists.   The goal of the Fine Art Cafe is to help connect artists with serious buyers and vice versa.

The Fine Art Cafe is a joint venture with Jan Hacket, who also runs the Fine Art Cafe Academy and Brusho Fun. The Fine Art Cafe Academy is an online art school for students in brusho, watercolor and mixed media art.

Trumpet Marketing

Trumpet Marketing is my “day job”! LOL!

I started Trumpet Marketing in 2002 and haven’t looked back. I’ve enjoyed helping hundreds (maybe thousands of businesses) realize their online business objectives through strategic Internet Marketing and creative website design.   I love helping clients achieve their business goals and realize success on the web and social media.

Questions?  Opportunities?  I’d love to hear from you!  Contact me at hello@laurietrumpet.com.